Roles and Function Revenue and Valuation Unit 

·        Revenue Manager Mr. Digno Polanco

·        Valuation Officer 1 Mr. Fredi Patt

·        Valuation Officer 2 Mr. Dario Rosado

Department is responsible for

  • Collection and Monitoring of the councils’ income.

  • Property taxes, trade licenses, liquor licenses, building fees, Market fees, garbage fees, Peddlers & vendors fees, Rental of Parking street use permits, rental of parks, as well as the enforcement of the laws of town Council or relating to town Council.

  • Delivery of the Property tax bills by tax collectors.

  • According to the Town Property Evaluation Act Chapter 65 of the Laws of Belize, Taxes are due and Payable on the 1 April of each year.

Trade licenses expire 31 December of Each year.

Trade License

  • Every business premises must have a trade license.

  • Ensure that the certificate is properly displayed.

  • If they do not have a trade license, they are given a trade licensing application and are given one week to apply. If they do not apply, the business will be issued a stop order.

  • No person or body of persons shall carry on any trade within the limits of any town without a license granted by the Board of the town.

Anyone operating a business without a Trade license the trade license board will issue a stop order then and every such suspension shall remain inforce until all the outstanding taxes, fees and charges have been duly paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the local authority.

Businesses have requirements which must be met these are as follows:

New Trade License:

  • Need business registration certificate

  • Needs public health certificate

  • One trade license application form

Change of Ownership/ Name of Business:

  • Re-registered

  • Third schedules & fourth schedules (trade application)

  • Copy of new owner’s ID

Renewal Trade License:

*Need to fill out the form which indicates that the business will continue to operate

The Department also processes Liquor License applications and issues the Certificate and extensions as the Law allows.

Peddlers License

  • Check street vendors for peddler’s license.

  • An official receipt is made for each payment

NB: Peddlers are not stationary they can sell all around the town. If they are stationary, they can be removed anytime, as they do not pay for the spot.

The Department also processes building plans. It is accepted, recorded and forwarded to the Valuation Unit for inspection and final approval from the local building authority. The requirements for acceptance of the plans are as follows:

Building Plans

  1. Three complete copies of building plan including site plan and location plan

  2. One building plan application form (must include total square foot of building)

  3. Payment for the administrative fee must be made on submission