Orange Walk Town is many things to many people. It is home to a proud, hard-working and resourceful people. It is a treasure chest of opportunity and tradition. It is a storehouse of a rich and ancient Mayan culture and a sanctuary for the many cultures which came after but found a home. It is a land of dynamic industries which fuel a nation. It is a vibrant hotbed of agriculture, politics and entrepreneurship. Orange Walk is the land of sweet sugar cane, the land of rum, of life and hope and love. As a proud Orange Walkeño I welcome you and tell you simply that my home is your home…

What you will experience on this online tour of my home is only the periphery of a unique experience too varied and rich and expansive to be confined within the boundaries of this website. The lifeblood of Orange Walk is the sugar cane industry, which is why it is called the Sugar City…but the heart of Orange Walk is its people and our history must be felt…our stories must be heard and our songs sung before you can begin to feel the pulse of this northern gem.

So I bid you welcome and wish you a pleasant online journey. But I invite you to come to Orange Walk. Bring your friends, your families and loved ones and enjoy what will be an unforgettable and enriching experience. Share the richness, culture and beauty which make me so proud to say that this is my home.

Don’t be a stranger…the Sugar City awaits you.